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William and Carola


Another beautiful creation from Mythical Garden for our formal event at the end of the month.

I first discovered this wonderful company at the 2017 Phoenix Fan Fest. Since then they’ve designed and constructed two fantastic outfits for me. They’re now working on a third. And then, I’m sure, there will be a fourth, then a fifth, etc., etc. I appreciate the care that this family-owned and operated business puts into every stitch. Outstanding stuff.

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Review Linda





Met the wonderful folks at Mythical Gardens at Emerald City Comic Con in Seattle.  It's great to be able to try on a corset before purchasing one. Those minor things like being able to sit down in a corset are important (like being able to drive and go to the bathroom)   

Their corsets are very comfortable (I know that sounds weird) and the customer service you receive (while getting laced up in a crowded aisle at a comic book convention) is impeccable.

I would say that it is probably best to get fitted when they have a show since a corset is a very personal and individual piece of clothing.   

I Love that Mythical Gardens is a family affair and the personal care you receive makes you feel really special (and wearing a corset makes you feel pretty darn special as well!)

While I am incapable of lacing myself up (and that's just because I'm uncoordinated) it is so easy to do that my husband is able to lace me up! And the best part of a corset is that you can lace it up loosely for comfort, or lace it up tight for that 'vavoom' effect!  

I can't wait to see them at another convention so I can pick up another item. Thanks again."

Matt with his black Corset and Louboutin Boots

Matt's Review

 I’ve had two corsets made for me by Jenny that turned out absolutely gorgeous. 

Working with Jenny is absolutely a treat. So attentive to my request and always checking on my option after I’ve received my order. 

I couldn’t be happier with my purchases. 


Seattle WA. 




 My latest outfit. These Louboutin boots go great with the corset! Love it!!