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Weighted Blanket Drive for Children

Mythical Gardens will be making weighted blankets for kids for the holidays.  We will be donating them to children in need.  These blankets are essential to health and well being of children.  Children with Autism, Cancer, sleeping disorders, abused,  jumping legs, and just security of the weight.  These blankets are special and most parents can't afford to buy these great blankets for their special little ones.


If you would like to donate a weighted or  have blankets, fabric, ribbon, thread, iron on patches, scissors, quilt blocks, even extra sewing machines, 

We will be using the sewing machines for blanket making parties. Local volunteers will be coming to help put quilts together to assure we have enough blankets for special schools and other children's  centers in the area.  We will be delivering during month of December.

 If you know of someone in need please contact us :


Help us make dreams come true!

To donate:  We have raised $350.  and Goal is 5,000

We have 90 blankets we still need material to make the other  160 blankets to go!!!

We all work together we can do it!!!!

Mythical Children

C/O Mythical Garden 

 20987 N John Wayne PKWY
Maricopa, AZ 85139

If you would like to drop off items email us  @

for location.

Thank you 

Mythical Gardens Team




Mythical Children The Comfort Received

Life changing Event One Blanket Hug at a Time


Weighted blankets are like a big warm  hug.

We are making weighted blankets for our special children in need.  These blanket are soft, different textures and each one is unique and are different weights. We have 5, 10 , and 15 pounds blankets. 

20 x 30 small - 30 X 40 for medium and  30 X 60 for large

If you want to Donate please Contact us:

Big Announce Blanket Party Dates


Announcement for party Dates:

November 25

December 2

December 16 

will be last big push to make sure all is ready

Time:  11:00

Please email us for  address and or location

Special Children in Need


We have several Centers that we will be donating to and waiting on replies from others for what the needs are.

So far :

 Autism Academy for Education & Development Chandler CampusWebsiteDirections


Guthrie Mainstream

Az Aspire Academy

UpWard For Children and Family

 Human Services Consultants

The list is still building

Find out more

Shopping For Fabrics


All Donations 1 are all going towards the purchase of fabrics, thread, pellets and any and all items needed to make and deliver blankets to the Children.  We are not only making them for the schools but have been given names of ones in need.

Share the big news


Good news ! We will be tracking right here the donations and what  warmth  we will be delivering this Christmas Season!We have  have had 10 sheets donated, and 5 blankets so far.

Updated stats: we have had  

20 blankets donated 

75 yards fabric


We have 96 blankets cut ready to fill

only enough pellets for 25 blankets

We need your help , to help these children.  Every little bit helps

Lives Changing One Blanket at a Time


Blankets are needed, not only for the schools but other children in our community are in need. 

Update we need to have fabric for another 154 blankets and 500 lbs of beads still