Our Story


The Tides of Change

There are pivotal moments in one’s life where everything can change. In that moment, it is up to the individual to decide what to do after the chance to change arises. Jenny, the founder of Mythical Gardens LLC had a moment of vision that changed not only her life, but her families lives as well.

A Spark of Magic

The sun beamed down on the Arizona land and illuminated every nook and cranny. Chatter filled the air while a crowd begun to form outside the event center. Within the crowd was a family. Little did they know, this year changed everything.

“THREE, TWO, ONE!” the young girl chanted. Her fiery red hair flowed behind her. The event was now open for business. She ran into the building leaving her family trailing behind.

“Wait for us!” her family exclaimed.

Once they caught up with one another, the family explored the event together.

The Birth of Endless Dreams

Surrounding the family, there were countless outfits so cleverly put together. Everyone was having a enjoyable time. It was a safe place where people could come together, make friends, and express themselves. At that moment, Jenny had an idea that sparked the creation of Mythical Gardens LLC.

Miracles can Happen

Jenny always told her grand daughter follow your dreams. The next year her family attended  the event again. This time, the Mythical Gardens team sold handmade items and clothing items. As time moved on, her sister, Linda, and other family members joined the Mythical Gardens team.

Where did the creativity come from? 

Jenny and her mother used to create breathtaking dresses and blankets together. In addition, her sister. Linda, made clothes for her children. 

What we accomplished

Mythical Gardens LLC has attended multiple conventions over the years. In addition, Mythical Gardens received the Pinal County 2018 AZSBDC Success Award. In the summer of 2018, the team also designed a breathtaking workplace. The floor is a checkered black and white pattern, paired with sleek white walls. Additionally, cabinets were installed in order to assist in the process of customizing outfits.